Tote Bag Business – How To Market For Free


Do you want to start a tote bag business? Do you make great looking bags and purses for yourself and friends? Then this is the year you have to get started. Don’t waste anymore time wondering if this would be a successful business!

Finding a niche market, and then marketing your products, should be the first thing on your “to do” list. As much as you would love to just go to the fabric store, and lock yourself in a room with your sewing machine and all those great ideas you have running around in your head, you have to start with some kind of Business Plan.

Marketing and advertising can take a lot of money, and yet a business will sink without it. So, what do you do? How do you get the sales coming in?

If you are a social butterfly with lots of friends, then you already have your marketing problem fixed. The first thing you are going to do, is create some great tote, bags or purses for your friends. Really make these your best pieces. You will then give them to your friends for FREE under one condition. They use the tote all the time. They use it, take it to work, go shopping, socialize etc. This gets your products seen.

Make sure they have business cards with them at all times (Don’t cheap out on the business cards, make them stand out). When they are out and about, they will be asked where they got this great tote, bag or purse, with its great design, and your friend will proudly tell them “you made it” and hand them a card.

If you have ten good friends, and they carry their tote all the time with them, then you could effectively get your product seen by hundreds of people!

It will cost you the materials for those ten bags, but look at it as an investment in your tote business. It would cost you more to take out ads in papers and magazines. This way people can touch and see the tote up close, and notice how much your friend likes it, and will instantly want one!

If you totes have great designs, and are just different from others on the market, then your product will have found its own niche market. Plus with your friends doing the advertising for you, you will have solved two of the main problems a small home based business runs into.. Niche Marketing and Advertising. This is true of any craft business.

Source by Diane Palmer