Running a Talent Agency Business – Where to Start


    Running a talent agency business in today’s world is a large simpler and less costly to start up than in the past. With the use of computers and the internet, the once time-consuming task of communications, finding and keeping contacts and record keeping is cut down to a mere few hours a week, and start-up costs now instead of being in the thousands of dollars are now within a small few hundred – running a talent agency business is very inexpensively done if you start out of a home office.

    Above all, when running a talent agency business, you need to be sure to do so professionally and ethically. Your reputation with rapid spread by word of mouth like wildfire in a good way, or like the plague in a bad way. Obviously, you’ll want to shoot for the former. Those running a talent agency business without these two factors in mind find it quite impossible to keep their business afloat in this field.

    Finding talent to represent and then finding work for these talented people are the two main activities in running a talent agency business. Now, there is no end to the talent that you can find. People are trying to be discovered everywhere, even online – just think of all the musicians and bands working hard to put a CD together and bringing it to the public view by posting it online on MySpace, Facebook and YouTube for instance, or those up-and-coming comedians who show bright promise at “open mic” nights at the local clubs and bars, or the young and hopeful future models who try to get discovered at auto shows and department stores selling perfume. Running a talent agency business, you begin to develop an eye for finding such talent.

    The resources for finding work for those you represent are plentiful. Models and actors/actresses can be placed in TV commercials, corporate training videos, and online video ads; comedians, musicians and illusionists/mentalists can be placed in clubs, bars, on radio stations and jazz clubs, and the list goes on. Running a talent agency business can be very rewarding … would you like to learn more?

    Source by Lewis Waller