How Do You Choose A Suitable Online Job Resource?


    They have multiplied like mushrooms on the internet for the past couple of years. Today, online job resources have dominated the recruitment scene, sometimes at the consternation of the local dailies that did not make the transition yet from traditional hiring and placement to the web-based environment that is the trend nowadays.

    But this development has its downside, too. Amidst legitimate job, resources are unscrupulous ones waiting on the sides like predators ready for the kill. They fear on job seekers who are all too eager to land a job overseas without checking the facts of their employment, so it is small wonder why these people end up frustrated and broke.

    Scammers have had their field days making millions out of bogus job hiring and placement; as long as there are people who believe too soon and trust so easy, scammers will see better days.

    It is therefore imperative that those who want to work overseas should have a clear profile of a legitimate and reliable job resource company. Here are some key points to consider:

    Does it provide a steady supply of jobs? If it does, most certainly it has shown a good track record so as to be favored by employers and job seekers alike.

    One good example is WorknPlay Global. It is a job resource company that stands out in the arena of recruitment and manpower placement for ESL and non-ESL jobs to countries like Japan, China, Dubai, Taiwan and the rest of the world!

    WorknPlay Global provides job seekers a steady influx of best-paying jobs. In 2006 alone WorknPlay Global placed over 1,000 teachers in various public schools in Korea. Why was this possible? It was so because WorknPlay Global has merited the trust of Korea’s Ministry of Education. This is what good reputation can do.

    Does your online job recruiter have a pool of good clients?

    Better pay and suitable working conditions should be included in your list of top considerations, apart from just getting hired by a legitimate company. Your job recruiter should make sure that the clients they provide job seekers coming to them should be reputable companies that pay well and on time, and provide viable living conditions.

    Does your job recruiter offer help in visa processing and on other related issues concerning your overseas job placement?

    There are many job resource companies that certainly provide a list of employers, but do not “walk the extra mile” with you in creating a hassle-free job placement abroad. Have you ever thought how would these recruiters react when you mess up with legal issues, or with immigration laws – who would you run to?

    In choosing your online job resource company among other numerous choices, pick the one that has proven track record, and has a string of good clients. Check your recruiter’s website for information on what benefits you when you avail of their online job assistance. Make an intelligent choice by finding out, which other companies affiliates with your job recruiter. As in real life, a company is known by the affiliates it keeps – globally.

    Source by Christiene Socorro Villanueva