What Does A Ceo Do,what Is His Job Discription


    One would be hard pressed to come up with an answer if asked what a CEO does. What is the job description for the (Chief Executive Officer) or CEO as more commonly knows. Just the mention of Chief Executive Officer or CEO causes a reaction of both awe and envy in people. How many have any idea of just what does a CEO or Chief Executive Do, what is their job.

    There are statistics that show most CEO’s or Chief Executive Officers do not perform well in their CEO jobs in fact only 1 in 20 are in the top 5% based on their performance of their CEO job. It seems to be commonplace that many holding the position of CEO are not very clear on just what the job description of a Chief Executive Officer really is. This would be evident in the role of CEO in the financial collapse of 2009 where the corporate executive looked completely ineffective by as it would seem to the public here in the United States. Of not being aware or concerned about the impending financial Armageddon that was on the horizon and would affect the world were they concerned only with the incredible executive salary, executive compensation and the severance packages. The chief executive office is a simple job but not an easy one even with the huge executive compensation and executive pay in the chief executive office the job description is being in total accountability for everything. And this is even more evident in a start-up company where the chief executive has the success or failure of the company riding on their shoulders.

    From the chief executive office what do they do is delegate the jobs which can be and the rest is solely up to them. Creating the company culture, operations, marketing, strategy, financing all of these things are the job of the CEO and are within the job description the what do they do is build the senior management team make certain that the company they hold the chief executive office is in compliance with safety regulations, human resources, sales, PR, hiring, firing, financing road shows the job description of the chief executive office has many requirements.

    When applying the do they do to the chief executive office in the case of a start-up company. In this setting with a company that is now the focus in most opinion the CEO Job would focus on fundraising. Fundraising is indeed necessary in the building of a new business the CEO taking those funds and using them to plot out the direction of the business. The job of the chief executive is to plot the course of success for the business the senior management team can develop strategy, investors can approve a business plan. The chief executive office is where the essentials come from, which markets they will enter. Who they will compete with in those markets, with what type of products will be marketed how they will create their own business identity. The CEO will set budgets, form partnerships, and select a management team to steer the company along the course that he has set. So these are some of the things covered in what does a CEO do what is his job?

    Source by graylin sanders