7 Hot Businesses You Can Start Today


    YEA, I just ordered an electric bicycle, a moped actually. Very exciting for me, so what for you, right?

    My purchase includes TWO of the hottest businesses you can start. Bicycles are once again booming and the sales, repair, and rental of bicycles is going to keep a few savvy people from feeling the recession at all.

    Electric vehicles are an infancy industry that you should take a look at. There is a big growth curve heading our way. Do you think gas will actually, really hit $ 4.00 a gallon? That seems to be the magic number tossed around that will affect our economy in a very noticeable way. Perhaps or maybe it all you want, but why wait to see what happens? Why not start a business that will boom if there is a recession?

    Here are the seven HOT, recession-proof businesses you can take a look at:

    1. Bicycles. Buy and sell, repair, start a club, a members group online, etc.
    2. Electric vehicles. About to explode. A group I’m joining and it’s FUN too.
    3. Day play destinations. Families are opting for shorter trips vs. family vacations.
    4. Home gardening. Watch for backyard greenhouses to become the “in” thing.
    5. Energy saving equipment. Buy, sell or repair things that save energy.
    6. Pet social groups. Pets are at an all-time high and their owners want to meet other like-minded people.
    7. Direct response business. Take your products directly to the people.

    Here’s a more detailed look at the first 7 of the hot recession-proof businesses.

    Bicycles bring families together. Pack the kids and bikes up for the weekend and head to the near bike trail and campground. This is a trend you will see growing rapidly over the next few years as gas prices and destination sites get too costly for families to spend their vacation at. You will see more and more of the little trips, the nearby sites, the one tank trips that will appeal to families.

    Campgrounds, although not listed, will also see a boom starting this year.

    Most of my trips to the bank, grocery store, post office, etc., are within a couple of miles of my house, and I can not stand waiting for lights while my car is burning up the $ 3.79 a gallon gas I put in … so I’m going with an electric moped. I’ll keep you posted as to how that goes.

    There is a fellow in near Tallmadge, Ohio who has an electric motorcycle that is really cool, and I believe him to be in the vanguard of future short-term transportation.

    Playday destinations? It is probably best to give a couple of examples. We have in our city (Cuyahoga Falls, OH) a Waterworks Park and also a Natatorium. In the summer you’ll find Waterworks park packed with kids and families enjoying a day “at the pool”. In the winter, our indoor water park at the Natatorium draws in a lot of people for birthday parties and family a get-together. These day destinies will replace many family vacations for many Americans.

    I’ll give more details on these business opportunities and others in future articles, but I want to get you thinking about the possibilities. You do not have to build a pool, you could have the person who supplies the Italian ice cart and snow cone machine. See? You become a part of the day play experience. More on this in future articles.

    Home gardening is one of, if not the largest hobbies in America. The difference is that more and more people will start to grow more vegetables, fruits, and herbs and form small neighborhood Co-ops. We have not seen this surge since the 70s oil crisis. You can provide the tools to these home gardeners and cash in big time.

    Repair or replace energy-guzzlers with newer energy compliant appliances. Or teach, train or show people how to save on their home energy bills, including electric, gas and water bills. Conservation is once again a key industry that is heating up.

    Pets. They are everywhere. Dogs, cats, rats, birds, you name it, there is a group of people who love their pets. The HOT thing is to form Internet social groups for a particular pet and then to have a cook-out or meeting at a pet approved the location. The new love mantra could be, ” want to love me? Love my precious pets first .” If you have a pet, you may already be a member of such a group. NOW would be a good time to turn your hobby and love of pets into a cash cow.

    Retail is one of those industries being stung by the current economy, but direct response or mail order type businesses are enjoying a huge increase in sales. More people are staying home and ordering either online, over the phone, off of TV or from the mail pieces they receive. Direct response marketing is HOT as HOT can be.

    Now, of course, there are details surrounding each of these hot areas, and in future articles, I’ll provide you with some. In the meantime, you can Google these topics and find ready-to-assist experts that could help you welcome the recession with open arms because you are prepared for it (if it happens) and will have FUN helping other people get through it having fun too.

    If there is a recession, do not worry, be happy you have some ideas on what to do. Thanks for your time and attention. I’ll gladly answer questions if you have any.

    Gordon Jay Alexander

    Source by Gordon Alexander