10 jobs that may not exist in coming years


When was the last time you asked a receptionist to connect a long distance call for you? Or how often do you see liftman now?

Technology has made our lives easier and made us dependent on it as many of the jobs that required human interference or manpower has been replaced by machines now.

Would you believe there was a time when there were human alarm clocks, which you have it in your phones now. We are constantly innovating and within next 10-20 years, there will be many other jobs that will seem redundant.

Here are 10 jobs that will vanish from the workforce in coming years

  1. Librarian

People have already gotten used to reading books in their smartphones and tablets, thanks to e-books. Libraries are also turning to having more e-book counters and audio books. Very soon, tech will take over the role of a librarian and you will spot robots finding books for you or assisting you. They might also tell you not to speak, since libraries are quiet places

  1. BPO employees

There are already talks that automation will take away jobs of BPO employees and chatbots will take over. This will turn into a reality in next five years

  1. Bank assistants

Presently, if you have any query regarding filling a form, you ask a bank assistant. This job will be taken over by chatbots. Union Bank has already introduced a chatbot.

  1. Fighter pilots

The hype for manned fighters is going down and in future many unmanned fighter jets will become more efficient.

  1. Toll plaza operators

Already, many digital wallets have come up with solutions to pay at toll plazas.

  1. Drivers

We are talking about driverless cars and it is easy to say that within next few years, driverless cars will become a common phenomenon.

  1. Postman

Many post offices have already shut down, thanks to e-mails and video chats.

  1. Parking lot attendants

Automation will also eat up the job of a parking lot attendant. The parking plazas will become automated.

  1. Newspaper boys

Digital wave has already drowned print media and people are turning to mobile phones for newspapers, magazines, brochures, etc. Since there will be less of print material, the concept of having a newspaper boy will vanish.

  1. Typists/Secretaries

You won’t require anyone to keep a tab on your meetings. You will be able to do it with your smartphone.